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A lifetime of personal care for you and your pet


A lifetime of personal care for you and your pet

Visit Darley House Veterinary Centre Ltd in Farnworth, Bolton for all aspects of veterinary care including dog vaccinations, cat vaccinations, medical and surgical treatment and preventative care. Our veterinary doctors are highly qualified and skilled.

All the staff at Darley House are animal lovers and have pets of their own. All of our patients are treated with the same affection and love that we give to our own cherished pets.

We offer:

  • Health checks

  • Vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits


  • Female cats can be spayed and male cats castrated from around 5 and a half months old if they are mature enough

  • Both bitches and male dogs can be neutered from 5 and a half months old*

  • Rabbits can be spayed or castrated from about 4 months old

* We will examine your pet (free of charge) to assess any risks prior to surgery and may advise differently depending on breed and size, in line with latest research and also taking into account other factors such as having a sexually mature dog of the opposite sex living in the same house.

Medical Treatment

  • In-house laboratory

  • Endoscopy

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

  • Oscillometric blood pressure monitoring

  • Digital X-ray facilities with automatic processor

  • Ultrasound Scanner

Surgical Treatment

  • Anaethsetic monitoring equipment  to ensure the safest conditions under anaesthesia
  • Anaesthetic machines and monitors using safer anesthetic agents
  • Infusion pumps
  • Endoscope
  • Modern dental hygiene equipment
  • Extensive range of surgical equipment to allow us to perform the most modern procedures

In-patient facilities

If we need to keep pets in for more intensive treatment we have purpose built, modern, warm and comfortable kennels and cattery with a variety of different sizes, levels and types of bedding to minimise stress and increase comfort. There are separate isolation facilities for pets with infectious conditions with their own washing and feeding facilities and drainage system. although we do not have a vet living on site overnight we do always have a vet responsible for any in patients who will organise checks as needed. If it is thought to be beneficial for an intensive care patient then they may be transferred to an emergency clinic.

Nurse Clinics

Nurse Clinics

Providing expert advice for to help keep your pets healthy all year round